The universe has a sense of humor. I know this because when my husband Ted was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I was already dealing with Essential Tremor. Just to be clear, I do not find it essential.

I can still tie his shoes, but neither of us can write, and I have had moments of hilarity when trying to stir sauce or soup in a pot. Oh, the laughter.

For survival, we do not focus on the negative nor dwell on what we can no longer do. However, apathy and depression are part of Parkinson’s as well as being a factor in Essential tremor. We fight the good fight.

Imagine our excitement at finding something new that we were capable of doing. Mo’s Unsteady Hand art class helps us, and others become social (people with noticeable tremors tend not to socialize), and we feel creative in a way we thought not possible given our physical difficulties.

And there is laughter, a lot of it. We encourage each other in the class, and sometimes we create actual art. Not as a person making do, but subtly damn fine art. No one draws a straight line, but the hesitant brushstroke can produce lovely abstract figures and landscapes.

The Unsteady Hand is a gift. The act of creating art impacts our brain as well as helping with our physical dexterity. Did I mention we get to laugh? Support The Unsteady Hand for those of us who genuinely benefit.

A testament - Kathleen R.

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