Open call for creative works by Artists with Parkinson's.

The Unsteady Hand, Artist Thom Phelps, and Art 111 Gallery are super stoked to announce 'Farewell to Bees': an exhibit visually exploring the demise of the bee population. Just so happens that The Unsteady Hand's first anniversary also falls in August as well. This exhibit is going to be big!

We are inviting, not only our Unsteady local participants to submit works, but our crew from across the country and internationally to join in the festivities.

All pieces submitted by our Unsteady Team will be displayed in the gallery in some fashion or another and will be for available to donors to take home...proceeds benefiting The Unsteady Hand.

Unsteady Submissions must be received by The Unsteady Hand, 2516 Balboa St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907 by midnight July 25th, 2019 so that we have time to prepare for the Aug 2nd opening...this is different than the provided link info re guidelines for the show ...

The desired iconography will be related to the extinction of the bee population to include in the piece an image, no matter how small, of a dead or dying bee...

Consider the impact of the image of the dead bee.
Promote dialogue about how this image makes people feel or respond.
You have the freedom to explore the image and the topic any way you want, but I ask that you include the semblance of a dead bee, in some form, into your artwork.
You can explore causes, importance, hoax or not, impact on civilization, culprits, other pollinators, how the bee has been historically depicted and if that might change when/if they are gone. 
Social commentary is welcome.
There is a bit of wiggle room here, but we want to try and stay true to Thom's vision found here...

Videos of Thom's idea/vision:

For other guidelines or more information, send an email to