Do you have the passion to be a Matching Donor?

A key tool for The Unsteady Hand in raising money in the Give! Campaign is the matching grant. The concept is simple: Before the live portion of the campaign, The Unsteady Hand recruits donors and grantors who agree to give a set amount of money (the matching grant) provided we raise a like (matching) amount by the end of the campaign. The Give! Campaign features matching grant donors in our profile on the Give! Website… and be sure, The Unsteady Hand Crew will tout your awesomeness wholeheartedly in our community.

Matching grants are an expected part of participation in Give!. They are a valuable tool for us to mobilize our current supporters and to leverage public donations during the live campaign November-December.

 In 2018 GIVE! Campaign , 432 local businesses, foundations and individuals contributed more than $531,000 towards matching grants.

For the 2019 campaign, our goal is to raise at least $10,000 in matching grants…we are ¼ of the way there!

Please contact Mo Onstad at 719.200.8057 or for more information on The Unsteady Hand and the GIVE! campaign.

 All matching grants must be submitted by Aug 30, 2019