While Parkinson’s may create physical limitations, it doesn’t have to limit our creativity. These art classes also provide an emotional outlet for Parkinson’s patients. I have been so inspired by “The Unsteady Hand” that I have become involved with Mo’s organization as a volunteer.
— Neal W

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111 E Bijou St - Colo Springs, CO 719.471.4348


Building Three Coffee

2727 N. Cascade Ave. Colorado Springs, CO

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Roman Villa

3005 North Nevada Ave. Colo Springs CO


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Happy Apple Farm

1190 1st St Penrose, CO 81240 (719) 429-6300

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Third Street Apples

935 3rd Street
Penrose, CO 81240
(719) 372-6283


Blick Art Supply


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Steve Ogle

-This guy rocks our world

Attorney at Law

Sparks Willson Borges Brandt & Johnson, P.C.
24 South Weber Street, Suite 400 | Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Tel: 719.634.5700 | Fax: 719.633.8477

sro@sparkswillson.com | www.sparkswillson.com

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