It is not uncommon for People with Parkinson’s (PWP) to become disengaged and isolated from their community. The explanations for separation can be physical, emotional or a combination of the two. We do everything we can to get through this mess called Parkinson’s as a community... a collective. The Unsteady Hand engages/re-engages fellow PWPs with the power of art and creativity. We provide an outlet for uniqueness and community in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO areas with monthly Creativity Labs.  In the imaginative process, we can feed the soul, work on fine motor skills, and done as a group, we can create an intentional community of positivity. Partnering with local support groups, art organizations, PTs and OTs, The Unsteady Hand provides Creativity Labs for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners, friends, and family.  Creativity Labs are an opportunity to leave behind the ravages of Parkinson’s, focus on a purposeful activity, and engage our creative spirits. Drawing, painting, origami, mask-making, the sky's the limit as to what we can discover as an artists collective. Our annual gallery show highlights the works produced throughout the year by our Parkinson’s artists and give individuals the opportunity to sell their work. We  provide art supplies and facilitation of the artistic process along with just a plain old dose of fun.


Our Mission

The Unsteady Hand promotes improved quality of  life for those living with Parkinson’s through communal creative engagement.

This is for artists with PD? That’s awesome! I am an artist but haven’t felt motivated to create for several months. I am still in shock from going down so fast...eyes affected and just now recovering. This makes me have hope.
— Peg C.

What We've been doing…